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Scandinavian Journal of History
Published 5 times a year by Routledge since 1976

Description: Articles on Scandinavian history and review essays surveying themes in recent Scandinavian historical research.

Keywords: Scandinavia Europe

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Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing
Published Annually by Association for Documentary Editing since 1979

Description: Open-access journal in the field of documentary and textual editing.

Keywords: Historical Method Documentary Editing

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Scotia: Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies
Published until 2004 by Old Dominion University since 1977

Keywords: Scotland Scottish Scots Scots-Irish Scotch-Irish British Isles Britain Enlightenment Economic

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The Scottish Historical Review
Published Biannually by Edinburgh University Press since 1921

Description: Premier journal in the field of Scottish Historical Studies, covering all periods of Scottish history from the early to the modern, encouraging a variety of historical approaches.

Keywords: Scotland Scottish Scots Scots-Irish Scotch-Irish British Isles Britain Enlightenment Economic

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Settler Colonial Studies
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 2011

Description: Aims to establish settler colonial studies as a distinct field of scholarly research and to respond to a growing demand for reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism.

Keywords: imperial colonial political race ethnic studies

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Sino-Japanese Studies
Published until 2003 by University of California at Santa Barbara, History Department since 1988

Description: Presents an academic forum for specialists in Chinese and Japanese studies.

Keywords: China Japan World War Two Japanese Chinese

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Sixteenth Century Journal: Journal of Early Modern Studies
Published Quarterly by Sixteenth Century Journal Publishers, Inc. since 1970

Description: Dedicated to providing readers with thought-provoking research and inquiry into the sixteenth century broadly defined (i.e., 1450-1648).

Keywords: Early Modern Europe Sixteenth Century 16th Century

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The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture
Published Biannually by Routledge since 2008

Description: Features cross-disciplinary, accessible and cutting-edge scholarship from academics and public intellectuals on the politics, culture, and consciousness of the 1960s.

Keywords: America contemporary government protest movements social cultural

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Slavery & Abolition: A Journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 1980

Description: Devoted in its entirety to a discussion of the demographic, socio-economic, historical, and psychological aspects of human bondage from the ancient period to the present.

Keywords: Africa America modern slavery world

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Slavic Review: American Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies
Published Quarterly by American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies since 1941

Description: Publishes scholarly articles, discussions, and essays on all areas of Russian, Eurasian and East European studies.

Keywords: Eastern Europe East European Russia Slavic Slav Eurasian Eurasia

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The Slavonic and East European Review
Published Quarterly by Modern Humanities Research Association since 1928

Description: Articles on all subjects related to the field of Slavonic and East European studies.

Keywords: Slavic East Europe modern

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Published Semi-annually by Maney Publishing since 1983

Description: Covers the languages, literatures, history, cultures and the arts of East Europe and Russia. Explores historical and cultural links between Eastern Europe and Britain.

Keywords: Europe Central Europe Eastern Europe Russia Slavic Slav

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Social History
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 1976

Description: To enable discussion, to provoke argument, and to create space for criticism and scholarship about social history.

Keywords: social cultural

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Social Science History
Published Quarterly by Duke University Press since 1976

Description: For social scientists interested in longitudinal analysis and historians seeking theoretical orientation.

Keywords: United States Cultural Demography Population Social Life Society Social System Values Women

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Socialist History
Published Biannually by Rivers Oram Press since 1993

Description: Features articles, book reviews, debates, and correspondence on all aspects of socialist cultural and political history.

Keywords: Labor Society Social Systems Values Socialism Socialist

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South African Historical Journal
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 1969

Description: Premier history journal published in South Africa, promoting significant historical scholarship on the country as well as the southern African region.

Keywords: Africa area studies modern

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South Asia Research
Published 3 times a year by SAGE Publications since 1980

Description: Covers the history, politics, law, economics, sociology, visual culture, languages, and literature of the countries in South Asia.

Keywords: South Asia India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka Afghanistan Nepal Bhutan Imperial Empire British Empire

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South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 1971

Description: Its mission is to provide a forum for scholarly research, comment and discussion on the history, society, economy, culture and international relations of the South Asian region from the earliest times to the present day.

Keywords: South Asia area studies

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South Asian Survey
Published Biannually by SAGE Publications since 1994

Description: Serves as a forum to share fresh thinking and to debate matters of national and regional concern to the countries of South Asia from their perspective.

Keywords: South Asia India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka Afghanistan Nepal Bhutan Imperial Empire British Empire

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The South Carolina Historical Magazine
Published Quarterly by South Carolina Historical Society since 1900

Description: The only scholarly periodical entirely devoted to the wide range of South Carolina history.

Keywords: Lower South United States American Revolution Early Republic The South African American Civil War Reconstruction South Carolina

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South Dakota History
Published Quarterly by South Dakota State Historical Society since 1970

Description: Contains scholarly articles and biographies on the history of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains.

Keywords: South Dakota West United States Great Plains American Indian

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South European Society & Politics
Published 3 times a year by Routledge since 1996

Description: Provides a forum for comparative interdisciplinary (social, economic, political, cultural) studies of southern Europe (principally Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece).

Keywords: World War South European Europe Italy Italian Mediterranean

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Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
Published 3 times a year by Routledge since 2001

Description: Covers the politics, political economy, international relations and modern history of south east Europe and the Black Sea area.

Keywords: Eastern Europe East European Southeast Europe Black Sea

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Southern California Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Historical Society of Southern California since 1884

Description: Devoted to the history of California, with special focus on Southern California.

Keywords: European Discovery European Exploration United States Great Plains Borderlands West California Spanish Borderlands

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Southern Jewish History
Published Annually by Southern Jewish Historical Society since 1998

Description: Presents articles relating to the Jewish experience in the American South for an academic and an interested lay readership.

Keywords: Jewish Jew

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The Southern Quarterly
Published Quarterly by University of Southern Mississippi since 1962

Description: The journal is an interdisciplinary learned journal of Southern studies, with a strong interest in history as well as cultural history, literature, and traditional arts.

Keywords: U.S. South, arts, literature

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Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Texas State Historical Association since 1897

Description: The Quarterly brings the latest and most authoritative research in Texas history to a wide audience of history lovers and scholars.

Keywords: North America United States Southwest Texas

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Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies
Published Quarterly by Medieval Academy of America since 1926

Description: Covers the promotion of research, publication, and instruction in medieval records, art, archaeology, history, law, literature, music, philosophy, science, social and economic institutions, and all other aspects of medieval civilization.

Keywords: Medieval Middle Ages Europe Central Europe Eastern Europe ca.1000-ca.1500 Mediterranean Europe

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Sport History Review
Published Semi-annually by Human Kinetics Journals since 1970

Description: Devoted to promoting the study of all facets of the broad field of the history of sport. Designed for sport history specialists.

Keywords: Sports Sport Games

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Studies in History
Published Biannually by SAGE Publications since 1985

Description: Examines regional problems and pays attention to some of the neglected periods of India's past. The journal also publishes articles concerning countries other than India.

Keywords: South Asia India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka

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Studies in World Christianity
Published 3 times a year by Edinburgh University Press since 1995

Description: Promotes creative thinking and lively scholarly interchange in the interpretation of all aspects of Christianity as a world religion.

Keywords: Christianity Christian Religion

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Teaching History: A Journal of Methods
Published Biannually by Emporia State University, Division of Social Sciences since 1976

Description: Providing history teachers at all levels with the best and newest teaching ideas for their classrooms.

Keywords: Teaching Teacher Historical Method Instruction Instructor

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Technology and Culture
Published Quarterly by The Johns Hopkins University Press, Journals Publishing Division since 1960

Description: Explores the history of technology from antiquity to the present day over all geographical and cultural boundaries.

Keywords: Science Technology

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Tennessee Historical Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Tennessee Historical Society since 1942

Description: Covers all periods, regions and genres of Tennessee history.

Keywords: United States The South Civil War Reconstruction Tennessee African American

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Theosophical History: A Quarterly Journal of Research
Published Quarterly by Theosophical History since 1985

Description: Publishes contributions related to the modern Theosophical Movement from the time of Helena Blavatsky, and to all groups deriving their teachings directly or indirectly from her or her immediate followers. Examines related movements or philosophies.

Keywords: Religion

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Published Bi-monthly by Ohio Historical Society since 1984

Description: Contains articles in history, prehistory and the natural sciences for a general audience.

Keywords: United States Midwest Ohio Midwestern

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Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History
Published Quarterly by Indiana Historical Society since 1989

Description: For current and former Indiana residents and their descendants. Focuses on topics of general historical interest.

Keywords: United States Midwest Indiana

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Turkish Studies
Published 3 times a year by Routledge since 2000

Description: Covers the history of the Turkish Republic, Turkish politics, government policies and programming, and Turkish international relations and foreign policy.

Keywords: Turkey Turkish Islamic World Caliphate Ottoman Muslim

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Twentieth Century British History
Published Quarterly by Oxford University Press since 1990

Description: Covers all aspects of British history in the twentieth century.

Keywords: Zion Zionist Palestine Palestinian Hong Kong Western Europe Modern Europe World War British Britain Comparative Imperial British Empire

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Twentieth-Century China
Published 3 times a year by Maney Publishing since 1975

Description: Articles on China's long 20th century, as seen in mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or diasporic activities. Official journal of the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China.

Keywords: China Ch'ing Republic of China Taiwan Hong Kong

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Urban History Review
Published Biannually by Becker Associates since 1972

Description: Provides an exchange of information, theories and techniques relating to the development of urban communities in Canada.

Keywords: Urban

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US Catholic Historian
Published Quarterly by Catholic University of America Press since 1980

Description: The official organ of the United States Catholic Historical Society, US Catholic Historian focuses on the history of the Catholic Church in the United States.

Keywords: Catholic America church religion

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Utah Historical Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Utah State Historical Society since 1928

Description: Articles, memoirs, primary sources, book reviews, and photos related to Utah history.

Keywords: United States Great Plains West Mormon Utah

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Vermont History
Published Quarterly by Vermont Historical Society since 1930

Description: Scholarly research on Vermont history.

Keywords: New England United States Northeast Vermont American Revolution Early Republic

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Victorian Review
Published Semi-annually by Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada since 1972

Description: Publishes research articles encompassing a wide variety of topics and approaches on all aspects of the 19th century.

Keywords: Britain Ireland Women Victorian Nineteenth Century 19th Century England

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Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Published Quarterly by Virginia Historical Society since 1881

Description: Covers Virginia history and related fields.

Keywords: Colonial North America British Politics and Administration Chesapeake South American Revolution Early Republic African American Virginia Civil War Reconstruction

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