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Magistra: A Journal of Woman's Spirituality in History
Published Semi-annually by Magistra Publications since 1995

Description: Presents original research and source translations in the area of women's spirituality, encompassing all eras and faiths.

Keywords: Religion Women Woman's Spirituality

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Maine History
Published Quarterly by Maine Historical Society since 1961

Description: Publishes historical articles on the state of Maine.

Keywords: United States Maine Colonial Northeast

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Management and Organizational History
Published Quarterly by Taylor & Francis since 2006

Description: Publishes high quality, original, academic research concerning historical approaches to the study of management, organizations, and organizing.

Keywords: business management accounting economics finance industry

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The Maryland Historian
Published Semi-annually by University of Maryland, Department of History since 1970

Keywords: Chesapeake United States Civil War Reconstruction

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Maryland Historical Magazine
Published Quarterly by Maryland Historical Society since 1905

Description: The magazine strives to bring together the "professional" and the "popular" to engage a broad audience while publishing serious research on Maryland and the region.

Keywords: Maryland

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Massachusetts Historical Review
Published Annually by Massachusetts Historical Society since 1859

Description: Publishes scholarly historical articles.

Keywords: Massachusetts United States Northeast Colonial North America Women American Revolution Early Republic African American

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Material Culture Review
Published Semi-annually by Cape Breton University since 1977

Description: Presents the material history of Canada through feature articles, research reports, exhibit reviews, conference reports and notes and comments.

Keywords: Science Technology

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The Medieval Review
Published Occasionally by Medieval Institute Publications since 1993

Description: Reviews current work in all branches of the field of medieval studies. Published on an article by article basis.

Keywords: Medieval Central Asia Medieval India Middle Ages Europe ca.1000-ca.1500

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Mediterranean Historical Review
Published Semi-annually by Routledge since 1986

Description: Provides an international forum for topics on the ancient, medieval, and modern history of the Mediterranean basin.

Keywords: Islamic World Islamic Empire Tunisia Algeria Morocco Greece Rome Byzantium Byzantine Middle Ages Europe Southern Europe Italy Italian Mediterranean

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Mennonite Life
Published Quarterly by Bethel College since 1946

Description: Mennonite Life is an illustrated quarterly, published by Bethel College devoted to exploring and developing Mennonite experience.

Keywords: Mennonite Life artists

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Mennonite Quarterly Review
Published Quarterly by Goshen College since 1927

Description: Scholarly journal covering Mennonite, Amish, Hutterian Brethren, Anabaptist, Radical Reformation, and related history and religious thought.

Keywords: Religion

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Methodist History
Published Quarterly by United Methodist Church, General Commission on Archives & History since 1962

Description: Peer-reviewed journal dealing with Methodist history around the world.

Keywords: Religion

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Mexican Studies
Published Semi-annually by University of California Press, Journals Division since 1985

Description: Focuses on Mexico and its people.

Keywords: Latin America Central America Mexico Spanish America Chicano Latino Mexican Immigration

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Michigan Historical Review
Published Semi-annually by Clarke Historical Library since 1957

Description: Articles related to the political, economic, social and cultural history of Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

Keywords: American Indian British Politics United States Midwest Michigan

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Middle Eastern Studies
Published 5 times a year by Routledge since 1964

Description: Covers academic research on the 19th and 20th century history and politics of the Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Turkey, Iran, and Israel.

Keywords: Syria Lebanon Jordan Palestine Palestinian Iran Afghanistan Islamic World Middle East North Africa Israel Zionist Zion Iraq Turkey Near East

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Middle Ground Journal: Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies
Published by Midwest World History Association since 2011

Description: The Middle Ground is a peer-reviewed academic journal for professionals, students, and independent scholars who have an interest in world history.

Keywords: World

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Military History of the West
Published Semi-annually by University of North Texas, Department of History since 1961

Description: Deals with military affairs in the western United States.

Keywords: American Indian The West United States Civil War Military

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Minnesota History
Published Quarterly by Minnesota Historical Society since 1915

Description: Provides articles and documents on all phases of Minnesota's history.

Keywords: Minnesota United States Midwest Great Lakes

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Mississippi History Now: An Online Publication of the Mississippi Historical Society
Published Monthly by Mississippi Historical Society since 2000

Description: In August 2000, the Society launched this online publication, Mississippi History Now, to strengthen its educational and leadership role in order to generate a broader interest in Mississippi history.

Keywords: Mississippi

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Missouri Historical Review
Published Quarterly by State Historical Society of Missouri since 1906

Description: Contains articles and documents pertaining to the history of Missouri, its role in the exploration and settlement of the West, and its contributions to the nation's heritage.

Keywords: United States Midwest Missouri Civil War

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Modern Asian Studies
Published Quarterly by Cambridge University Press since 1967

Description: Covers Asia from Pakistan to Japan; studies the impact of modernization during the 19th and 20th centuries on the ancient cultures of these nations.

Keywords: Modern Central Asia China People's Republic Hong Kong Japan Korea South Asia Southeast Asia Burma Thailand Indochina Vietnam Cambodia Laos Malaysia Singapore Brunei Indonesia Philippines India

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Modern China
Published Quarterly by SAGE Publications since 1975

Description: Source of scholarship in history and the social sciences on late imperial, 20th-century, and present-day China.

Keywords: China Chinese People's Republic of China Taiwan Hong Kong Macao

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Modern China: An International Quarterly of History and Social Science
Published Quarterly by Sage Publications, Inc. since 1975

Description: Encourages interdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue on China's ongoing revolution.

Keywords: China Ch'ing Republic of China People's Republic Taiwan Hong Kong

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Montana: The Magazine of Western History
Published Quarterly by Montana Historical Society since 1951

Description: Presents an interpretive approach to major developments in western history.

Keywords: United States Montana West

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Published Quarterly by Moreana Publications since 1963

Description: Provides an international forum for the study of Thomas More and his circle of fellow humanists or sometimes hostile reformers, both in England and on the continent.

Keywords: Early Modern Europe British Isles 1500-1750 Religion

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Nevada Historical Society Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Nevada Historical Society since 1970

Description: Contains historical items of local interest in the region of northeastern Nevada.

Keywords: United States Great Plains Borderlands West Nevada

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New England Journal of History
Published Biannually by New England History Teachers Association since 1943

Description: Presents study and teaching methods.

Keywords: United States New England American Revolution Slavery Women Early Republic

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New England Quarterly: A Historical Review of New England Life and Letters
Published Quarterly by New England Quarterly, Inc. since 1928

Keywords: Colonial North America British Politics Administration Middle Colonies New England Chesapeake Lower South United States American Revolution Early Republic Women

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New Jersey History: Studies in State and Regional History
Published Semi-annually by New Jersey Historical Society since 1845

Description: Publishes scholarly analyses of the political, social, cultural, and economic history of New Jersey.

Keywords: Colonial North America British Politics Administration New England United States American Revolution Early Republic

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New Literary History: A Journal of Theory and Interpretation
Published Quarterly by The Johns Hopkins University Press, Journals Publishing Division since 1969

Description: Focuses on theory and interpretation--the reasons for literary change, the definitions of periods, and the evolution of styles, conventions, and genres.

Keywords: United States Literature Literary

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New Mexico Historical Review
Published Quarterly by University of New Mexico since 1926

Description: Publishes original articles dealing with southwestern history and culture from the earliest pre-history to the present.

Keywords: American Indian Spanish Borderlands Mexico Central America Southwest United States Chicano Latino

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Nine: A Journal of Baseball History & Culture
Published Semi-annually by University of Nebraska Press since 1992

Description: Promotes the study of all historical aspects of baseball, and centers on social policy implications wherever baseball is played in the world. Has been added to coverage in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.

Keywords: Sports Sport Games

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North American Review
Published Quarterly by North American Review since 1815

Description: The oldest literary magazine in the US. Publishes fiction and creative nonfiction, with emphasis on increasing concerns about environmental and ecological matters, multiculturalism, and exigent issues of gender and class.

Keywords: Ethnohistory Gender

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North Carolina Historical Review
Published Quarterly by North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Historical Publications Section since 1924

Description: Contains documented articles on North Carolina and Southern history.

Keywords: American Indian Colonial North America Lower South United States The South Civil War Reconstruction North Carolina American Revolution Early Republic

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North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains
Published Quarterly by State Historical Society of North Dakota since 1926

Description: Contains items about the history and culture of North Dakota and the northern Great Plains.

Keywords: United States Great Plains Borderlands West North Dakota

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Northeast African Studies
Published 3 times a year by Michigan State University Press since 1977

Description: Publishes scholarly articles on all aspects of Northeast African studies, including but not limited to works in the social sciences and humanities.

Keywords: Islamic World Islamic Empires Sudan Africa North Africa Northeastern Africa

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Northern History: A Review of the History of the North of England and the Borders
Published Semi-annually by Maney Publishing since 1966

Description: Aims to stimulate and encourage serious research, professional and amateur alike, on the history of all parts of the North, including the Scottish Borders, from Roman times to the twentieth century.

Keywords: British Isles Britain ca.1000-ca.1500 Europe Ireland England

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Northwest Ohio History
Published Quarterly by Maumee Valley Historical Society since 1929

Description: Covers archaeological, architectural, intellectual, cultural, political and social history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio, and of the Old Northwest and Great Lakes regions.

Keywords: American Indian Midwest United States Ohio

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OAH Magazine of History
Published until 2013 by Organization of American Historians since 1985

Description: Focused on a theme in US history. Articles drew upon recent scholarship, surveyed the historiography, and provided practical teaching strategies.

Keywords: Historiography Historical Method

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Ohio History
Published 2 times a year by Ohio Historical Society since 1887

Keywords: American Indian Midwest United States Ohio

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Ohio Valley History
Published Semi-annually by Filson Historical Society and Cincinnati Museum Center since 1943

Description: Covers Ohio Valley region.

Keywords: American Indian Midwest United States Ohio Ohio Valley Cincinnati

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The Oral History Review
Published Semi-annually by University of California Press, Journals Division since 1966

Description: Explores the recording, transcribing, and preserving of conversations with people who have participated in important political, cultural, and economic social developments in modern times.

Keywords: Oral

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Oregon Historical Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Oregon Historical Society since 1900

Description: Popular historical publication containing research and essays on the history and culture of the Pacific Northwest, particularly the state of Oregon.

Keywords: United States West Oregon

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