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Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust
Published by Routledge

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Defence Studies
Published 3 times a year by Routledge since 2001

Description: Aimed at staff colleges and military personnel worldwide and academics interested in defense. Covers historical and contemporary aspects of defense.

Keywords: China Taiwan Japan Korea Southeast Asia Vietnam Cambodia Israel Greece Rome Europe World War Germany Russia Military Civil War United States American Revolution American Indian

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Delaware History
Published Semi-annually by Delaware Historical Society since 1946

Description: Articles about all aspects of the history of Delaware.

Keywords: Delaware United States British Colonies Middle Colonies Slavery

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Diplomacy & Statecraft
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 1990

Description: Covers diplomatic history, as well as the contemporary conduct of international affairs.

Keywords: Diplomatic International

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Diplomatic History: The Journal of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Published 5 times a year by Blackwell Publishing, Inc. since 1977

Description: Takes a scholarly look at the history of American diplomacy and foreign affairs, from the colonial period through the Vietnam era.

Keywords: United States Diplomatic Diplomacy Foreign Relations International

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E L H: English Literary History
Published Quarterly by The Johns Hopkins University Press, Journals Publishing Division since 1934

Description: Presents studies that interpret the historical conditions affecting major works in English and American literature, addressing historical, critical, and theoretical concerns.

Keywords: Literature Literary

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Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Published Semi-annually by University of Pennsylvania Press since 2003

Keywords: Early Republic Art Architecture Literature

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Early Medieval Europe
Published Quarterly by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. since 1992

Description: A fresh look at Europe between the fourth and eleventh centuries.

Keywords: Medieval Europe Middle Ages

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Earth Sciences History
Published Semi-annually by History of Earth Sciences Society since 1982

Description: Publishes papers dealing with the history of earth sciences for historians of the earth sciences and for earth scientists. Includes articles on geography, geology, oceanograph and atmospheric and space sciences.

Keywords: Environment Science

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East Asia: An International Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Transaction Publishers since 1982

Description: Provides analyses of social, political, economic, and military developments in post-World War II northeast Asia.

Keywords: East Asia China Taiwan Japan Korea Thailand Indochina Vietnam Cambodia Laos

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East Asian History
Published Semi-annually by Australian National University, Division of Pacific and Asian History since 1970

Description: Covers history of China, Japan and Korea.

Keywords: East Asia China Taiwan Japan Korea Thailand Indochina Vietnam Cambodia Laos

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East Central Europe
Published Semi-annually by Charles Schlacks, Jr., Publisher since 1974

Description: Contains articles about social science & humanities in Eastern Europe.

Keywords: Central Europe Eastern Europe German Principalities Habsburg Austria Germany

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East European Jewish Affairs
Published Semi-annually by Routledge since 1971

Description: Covers the position and prospects of Jews in the former Soviet Union and the countries of East - Central Europe, dealing with issues in historical perspective and in the context of general, social, economic, political, cultural developments in the region

Keywords: Eastern Europe Germany World War Two Holocaust East European Jewish Jew Religion

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East European Politics & Societies
Published Quarterly by Sage Publications, Inc. since 1987

Description: Examines the social, political, and economic issues in Eastern Europe.

Keywords: Eastern Europe East European Mediterranean

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East Texas Historical Journal
Published Semi-annually by East Texas Historical Association since 1963

Keywords: East Texas United States Civil War Reconstruction Mexico

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The Economic History Review: A Journal of Economic and Social History
Published Quarterly by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. since 1927

Keywords: Economic Social

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Eighteenth-Century Life
Published 3 times a year by Duke University Press since 1974

Description: Eighteenth-Century Life addresses all aspects of European and world culture during the long eighteenth century, 1660-1832. It includes both articles and substantial review essays. Many issues are illustrated, and special issues have addressed themes from

Keywords: Early Modern Europe 1500-1750 Modern Europe 1750-1914 Colonial North America American Revolution Early Republic Cultural Demography Population Social Life Intellectual Philosophical Literature Sexuality Gay Lesbian Slavery

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Eighteenth-Century Studies
Published Quarterly by Johns Hopkins University Press since 1972

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Electronic Journal of International History
Published Ceased publication by University of London, Institute of Historical Research since 2000

Description: Aims to promote an understanding of the breadth, depth and policy relevance of international history by examining how the politics, societies, economies and traditions of countries have shaped and influenced international relations since circa 1500.

Keywords: Syria Lebanon Jordan Palestine Iran Egypt Central Asia China Japan Korea South Asia Australia Islamic World Africa Europe Latin America United States World Western Civilization World Civilization Canada South America North America

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English Historical Review
Published 6 times a year by Oxford University Press since 1886

Description: Covers not only British history, but almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era.

Keywords: Hong Kong Western Europe Middle Ages English England British Britain World War Two Canada Colonial American Revolution International Relations

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Enterprise and Society: The International Journal of Business and History
Published Quarterly by Oxford University Press since 1975

Description: Articles focus on individual firms and industries and that are grounded in a broad historical framework, this journal offers a forum for debate on the historical relations between business and their large political, cultural, institutional, social, and e

Keywords: Business Economic

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Environment and History
Published quarterly by White Horse Press since 1995

Description: Interdisciplinary journal which aims to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the deliberate intention of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems.

Keywords: environment

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Environmental History
Published Quarterly by Forest History Society/American Society for Environmental History since 1996

Description: Research articles pertaining to the history of conservation and the environment throughout the US and the world.

Keywords: United States Environment Environmental History

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Published Quarterly by Duke University Press since 1954

Description: Emphasizes the joint use of documentary materials and ethnographic or archaeological data, as well as the combination of historical and anthropological approaches, in the study of social and cultural processes and history. It publishes articles, review e

Keywords: American Indian African American Archaeology Asian American Chicano Latino Cultural Diaspora Ethnohistory Immigration Minorities Minority Issues Society Social System Values

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European History Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Sage Publications Ltd. since 1971

Description: Essential resource for research on European history, publishing articles by eminent historians on a range of subjects from the later Middle Ages to post-1945.

Keywords: Europe European British Britain France Eastern Scandinavian German Mediterranean Netherlands Spain Portugal Italy Italian Modern Europe Early Modern Europe

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European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
Published Quarterly by Routledge since 1993

Description: Provides a pluralistic forum for the discussion of traditions in the history of economic thought.

Keywords: Economic Intellectual Philosophical Europe

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The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms
Published 7 times a year by Routledge since 1996

Description: Examines the interplay and impact of the rich European intellectual history on a variety of topics and issues, taking a multidisciplinary approach.

Keywords: Economic Intellectual Philosophical Europe

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European Review of Economic History
Published 3 times a year by Cambridge University Press since 1997

Description: Aims to further research, scholarship, and understanding of economic structure, change, and economic development in Europe since early modern times.

Keywords: Economic

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European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire
Published by Routledge

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Explorations in Economic History
Published Quarterly by Academic Press since 1963

Description: Publishes original papers that provide broad coverage of the application of economic analysis to historical episodes.

Keywords: Economic International

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Family & Community History
Published Semi-annually by Maney Publishing since 1998

Description: Publishes articles from the historical and social science disciplines on a broad range of topics.

Keywords: Britain Ireland Family Community

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FCH Annals: Journal of the Florida Conference of Historians
Published Annually by Florida Conference of Historians since 1993

Description: Peer-reviewed journal of select papers presented at the annual meeting of the Florida Conference of Historians.

Keywords: Florida World History United States Comparative Cultural Popular Culture Teaching Media

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Federal History
Published Annually by Society for History in the Federal Government since 2009

Description: Peer-reviewed, open-access journal on all aspects of the history and operations of the federal government, and of critical historical interactions between American society and the US government, including the US military, 1776 to the present.

Keywords: federal government American society military

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Feminist Studies
Published 3 times a year by Feminist Studies, Inc. since 1972

Description: Presents scholarly research, essays, art, book reviews, and poetry, fiction, and creative narrative pertaining to the feminist experience in the social sciences, history, politics, and literature.

Keywords: United States Women Feminist Gender Family

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Fides et Historia: Journal of the Conference on Faith and History
Published 3 times a year by Conference on Faith and History since 1968

Description: Publishes scholarly articles dealing with questions that relate to the interaction between Christian faith and historical developments.

Keywords: Religion

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Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies
Published Semi-annually by Historians Film Committee since 1970

Description: Studies of motion pictures as cultural documents and as propaganda/persuasion. Stereotypes and images that influence our times.

Keywords: United States Media Film Motion Pictures Popular Culture

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Financial History Review
Published Quarterly by Museum of American Finance since 1978

Description: Covers the history of commerce and the development of the American capital markets.

Keywords: Business Economic Finance

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First World War Studies
Published 3 times a year by Routledge since 2010

Description: The journal approaches the subject of the First World War without chronological, geographic, or topical constraints.

Keywords: Britain World War I military

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Florida Historical Quarterly
Published Quarterly by Florida Historical Society since 1908

Description: Covers the history of Florida and the southern U.S. and the Caribbean.

Keywords: Florida United States The South Civil War Reconstruction

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French Historical Studies
Published Quarterly by Duke University Press since 1958

Description: Publishes articles, commentaries, and research notes on all periods of French history from the Middle Ages to the present. The journal's diverse format includes forums, review essays, special issues, and articles in French, as well as bilingual abstracts

Keywords: Western Europe European France French Middle Ages World War Indochina Algeria Lebanon Canada Quebec

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French History
Published Quarterly by Oxford University Press since 1987

Description: Covers French history from Francia to the Fifth Republic, including historically oriented articles from other disciplines.

Keywords: Western Europe Middle Ages France French Early Modern Europe World War Indochina Algeria Lebanon Canada Quebec

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French Politics, Culture & Society
Published 3 times a year by Berghahn Books Inc. since 1984

Description: Provides current information on developments in contemporary France. Articles in both French and English.

Keywords: Algeria Europe France French Quebec Canada Indochina World War Lebanon

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