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Areas of Specialization

America, Europe, and World and Comparative History


Program Description

The Department of History offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs in American and European history and more limited graduate study in Ancient, African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history. In addition, we sponsor interdisciplinary doctoral programs in the History of American Civilization (in cooperation with the Winterthur Museum) and the Hagley Program in Capitalism, Technology, and Culture (in conjunction with the Hagley Museum and Library). The department also offers a graduate certificate in Museum Studies.


Special Programs or Resources

The University of Delaware is in an excellent location for conducting scholarly research in the libraries, archives, and museums of the mid-Atlantic region. The Winterthur Museum and Hagley Museum & Library are affiliated with the University and are both located about fifteen miles from campus. The University's Morris Library contains over 3 million volumes, a wide array of periodicals and data bases, and an extensive collection of manuscripts related to the study of History. The University of Delaware campus is about an hour's drive from the historical sites of Philadelphia, two hours from Washington and about two-and-a-half hours from New York City.


Financial Aid

Financial support from both university funding and private bequests enables the History Department to guarantee all doctoral students both tuition and a competitive stipend for five years. Subsequently, advanced graduate students can receive paid teaching assignments in place of financial aid, and the department has a highly competitive record of attaining research and travel funding for advanced graduate students.


Degree Requirements

Complete 30 credits of graduate work, of which at least 24 credits must be in History. The History credits must include:
Two of the Department's basic historiography courses
Four readings seminars.
Two research and writing seminars.
Demonstration of reading competence in a foreign language.
Passage of written and oral qualifying exams.

University Information

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Faculty Information

Full-time Faculty: 34


Student Demographics

Number of Doctoral Students in Program: 47

New Doctoral Students Entering Program: 2

Proportion of Doctoral Students Receiving Financial Aid: 64%

Number of Graduate Students Enrolled: 60


Degree Information

First PhD conferred: 1964

History PhDs conferred to Date: 238

Average Number of PhDs Conferred: 7


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