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Perspectives on HistoryPlease fill out the form below to submit your Job Ad for Online and Perspectives on History advertising. All information requested is necessary for processing. Please note: this form is for classified/in-column/line ads only. For information on display (box) advertising, see the Advertising page.

Classified ads are $1.25 per word for ads submitted via this Job Ad Entry Form. Minimum charge is $125. Repeat ads are billed at half the fee of the original ad. All classified ads are now prepaid only.

Advertisers: Please see the AHA job advertising policy, the AHA Guidelines for the Hiring Process, and the AHA statement, “Best Practices on Spousal/Partner Hiring.”

Questions? Contact Liz Townsend by e-mail or phone at 202.544.2422 x122.

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All summer ads submitted by noon Thursday will be posted on the upcoming Friday, and will run until the end of August.

Summer 2014 (Online Only, Weekly until: Jul, 25, 2014)


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