History Doctoral Programs in the United States and Canada


This site gathers the most comprehensive information available on the state of doctoral education in history—including annually updated information on history PhD programs in the United States and Canada, a database of doctoral dissertations completed and in progress, and a wide array of advice to prospective doctoral students.

We hope this site will provide a useful starting point for prospective doctoral candidates, offering insights into the kinds of issues they should consider in applying to and selecting a program. Keep in mind that the average history doctoral student spends about 8.5 years pursuing the PhD, so this should be undertaken with a clear-eyed awareness.

We also hope that faculty in history departments offering doctoral degrees will look to this site for information about how their department compares to other programs. This site was developed with the intention of laying out the kind of systematic information departments should be gathering and using for internal assessments of the health of their program.

This site originated with an extensive survey of doctoral studies conducted by the AHA’s Committee on Graduate Education, which lamented the lack of information for potential applicants to history doctoral programs. In keeping with their recommendations, and with the assistance of the Association’s Teaching Division and Committee on Graduate Students, staff gathered the following indicators and developed an advisory essay on applying to doctoral programs.

If you have advice or suggestion on how we might improve this site, please send them to Liz Townsend. We welcome your thoughts for further development and improvement.