History Doctoral Programs in the United States, 2005

Additional Resources

Beyond the material published by the AHA, current and recent doctoral students on the AHA staff recommend the following publications that they found useful in the studies. Of course, no book can convey all the particular problems and pitfalls you are likely to encounter in the graduate study. The other graduate students in the program are a vital resource for you—both in trying to get a real sense of the “lived experience” of the program before you get there, and then in making sure you know and understand the requirements of the program after you get there.

Becoming a Historian: A Survival Manual

The first stop for those considering a career in history. Melanie Gustafson discusses finding and applying to graduate programs, funding, completing the training process, and the all-important job search.

Available from the AHA. $8 non-members; $6 members. Write to: pubsales@historians.org



The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century



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