Graduate School Application Process: From Start to Finish

Recommended Reading for Potential Applicants

The AHA has a wide variety of resources for graduate students ranging from general advice to specific information about the state of the history job market. The following articles from Perspectives on History might be particularly helpful as you consider your consider doctoral study.


Inscribing Your Future: The Trials and Tribulations of Applying to Graduate School
By John King and Andrew McMichael
King and McMichael offer excellent suggestions on making the transition to graduate school, pointing out strategies for finding a suitable program and identifying individuals who could potentially serve as your advisor.

With Their Eyes Wide Open: Guides to Graduate School and Beyond
By Mary Ann Fitzwilson
Mary Ann Fitzwilson examines a number of guides aimed at providing advice on choosing a doctoral program and "surviving" the graduate school process.

The Career Goals of History Doctoral Students: Data from the Survey on Doctoral Education and Career Preparation
By Chris Golde
What career paths do graduate students hope to pursue after completing the Ph.D.? Chris Golde conducted The Survey on Doctoral Education and Career Preparation to find out.

"Dumb Enough to Want to Get a History PhD": Views from the Trenches of Graduate Education

Lillian Guerra discusses some of the challenges face by doctoral students including anxiety about the tight job market, as well as the role of the AHA in providing support to aspiring historians.